The Clinical Research Development Unit of Imam Reza Hospital (AS) has been operating since 2016 with the aim of empowering researchers and increasing the spirit of research under the supervision of the Research Vice Chancellor of Mashhad University of Medical Sciences. And in 2018, it was licensed by the Deputy Minister of Research and Technology of the Ministry of Health. In order to achieve short-term and long-term results, single goals in various fields of education, research and implementation are pursued


Clinical Research Development Unit,Imam Reza Hospital, University of Medical Sciences,Mashhad,Iran


Notable professors, students and researchers

Necessity of inserting the name of the Clinical Research Development Unit of Imam Reza Hospital in the "Appreciation and Thanksgiving" section of dissertations and articles

In the "Appreciation" section, in the final report of the acknowledgments and articles resulting from the plans that have used the consulting services of this unit, please note that this important thing should be applied as follows: 

We would like to thank the Clinical Research Development Unit, Imam Reza Hospital, Mashhad University of Medical Sciences, for their assistance in this manuscript

In addition, in the plans that are written with the cooperation of the center, in the table related to the cooperation of the centers, the name of the clinical research development center of Imam Reza (AS) Hospital must be mentioned.